Tale of a briefcase

I am so bored, I haven’t had a decent glass of wine in two days.” A slim apricot blond with a strange accent told her friend. Her accent was forced as if it wasn’t real and her beautiful outfit wore her.

I have been having so much fun I must tell all.” A platinum blond wearing gold booties, extra slim jeans, a perfectly tailored trench coat holding a large Saint Laurent gold trimmed bag ordered an extra skinny latte with a splash of rose water.

Standing in line behind two fashionistas I felt like a Cinderella in my sweats. I have not dressed up in forever, needed to get my eyebrows waxed, and of coarse loose a few pounds. I was eyeing a little brown bag of cream filled donut holes to add to the best coffee cup in Hollywood but than looking at the size 2 social butterflies in front of me it killed my appetite and I settled for a cup of Joe ala carte.

I set at a small table surrounded by beautiful Hollywood people daydreaming while I sipped on coffee filled with fruit and lavender notes. My thoughts took me away from trendy Hollywood café and to Manhattan few years back when I sold real estate on the Upper East Side. I always loved a little black dress and classic high-heeled pumps. It always made me feel like a million bucks, however it was my Cartier briefcase that was magic and a beautifully lush addition to simplicity of the black dress. The slim Cartier briefcase was something of an Urban Legend in my real estate company. After I made my first sale, selling a penthouse condo, I carried my commission in a form of a check in my briefcase back to the office where my coworkers asked if they could borrow my Cartier briefcase for the closings of their deals. It became good luck charm and now it can be yours.

Favorite, empowering, sexy, perfectly fitted little black Prada dress and coat.

Midas touch vintage Cartier briefcase