Boots that seen the Christmas Ball

“My socks don’t match. There are holes in my sweater. And my pants are too tight. I need this campaign to end” her Twitter post read. She was a great reporter who traveled with one of the presidential campaigns all over the country. It was a tough job especially on her cloths but it was finally coming to an end. Her Twitter post was accompanied by a picture of her feet wearing different socks and very comfortable looking shoes. Soft paten leather lace ups looked like they have been everywhere, seen everything, and had some stories to tell. It made me dig in my closet and bring out some of my shoes and boots that I wanted to list.

Chanel black flat boots are my favorite and been with me everywhere I went however this is a right time to share them with a fellow traveler, so for sale they go. Let me tell you about this beauties. Christmas in Vienna was like stepping into fairy tail. Snowy streets, decorated windows, and of course Sacher Torte. Ohh the Sacher Torte deliciousness melting in your mouth. I was invited by a friend to attend one of the holiday balls and was a little scared by what waited ahead. For once I had no idea how to Waltz or what the etiquette required of me. I did bring a beautiful gown with me and was getting dressed when I realized I forgot to bring my evening shoes. Panic struck me as I dug into my suitcase throwing its contents on the floor of my hotel room. The more things I pulled out the more freaked out I became. I did not bring any shoes with me. The only thing I had to wear on my feet were my well worn Chanel boots. I had no time to run to any of the stores so I put them on and hid them under my ball gown. It felt kind of cool, empowering, almost like a rebel that did something outlandish and got away with it. I danced all night, not sure if it was a waltz or a cha cha, without anyone realizing my secret.