Coyote Magic


Tricksters,  Magicians, Comedians are all hidden in the energy of COYOTTE. They are Mercurial, traveling back and forth between higher realms and us, delivering MESSAGES with a twist. If they appear to you on a walk or a drive there is wisdom delivered to you in a most unexpected way and it is up to you to implement it into your life.

Tips to talk coyote out of attacking your dog on a walk 

1. Make sure your dog is on a leash

2. Make a lot of noise (we will have the whistles with my # to give out very soon)

3. Carry a stick or a golf club

4. Carry pepper spray

5. Walk together with your neighbors. This way your dogs can have more fun, socialize, and you can catch up on what is happening in your neighborhood.

5. Make sure you explain to your dogs that this is not a dog and they can’t play with it. My baby Sophie thoughta huge coyote was a dog and would not move until she said hello. However my baby Benjamin barked at a coyote until it ran away.

HOW TO BUY A HOUSE 1.0 part 2

HOW TO BUY A HOUSE 101 part 1


I realized that I wanted to buy a house when I fell in love .....

....with a stove. It was not just any stove, it was La Cornue CornueFe in Provence Blue with copper trim, a DREAM. The minute I saw it I could imagine a beautiful kitchen magically appearing around it with perfect cabinets, farm sink, Sub Zero refrigeratore, and hand made Spanish tiled floors. My first room was already done in my mind and the rest would follow. That is how my house hunting adventure began. What is your DREAM? If you are ready to find a house to house your DREAM please contact me and together we will make it come true.


Tale of a briefcase

I am so bored, I haven’t had a decent glass of wine in two days.” A slim apricot blond with a strange accent told her friend. Her accent was forced as if it wasn’t real and her beautiful outfit wore her.

I have been having so much fun I must tell all.” A platinum blond wearing gold booties, extra slim jeans, a perfectly tailored trench coat holding a large Saint Laurent gold trimmed bag ordered an extra skinny latte with a splash of rose water.

Standing in line behind two fashionistas I felt like a Cinderella in my sweats. I have not dressed up in forever, needed to get my eyebrows waxed, and of coarse loose a few pounds. I was eyeing a little brown bag of cream filled donut holes to add to the best coffee cup in Hollywood but than looking at the size 2 social butterflies in front of me it killed my appetite and I settled for a cup of Joe ala carte.

I set at a small table surrounded by beautiful Hollywood people daydreaming while I sipped on coffee filled with fruit and lavender notes. My thoughts took me away from trendy Hollywood café and to Manhattan few years back when I sold real estate on the Upper East Side. I always loved a little black dress and classic high-heeled pumps. It always made me feel like a million bucks, however it was my Cartier briefcase that was magic and a beautifully lush addition to simplicity of the black dress. The slim Cartier briefcase was something of an Urban Legend in my real estate company. After I made my first sale, selling a penthouse condo, I carried my commission in a form of a check in my briefcase back to the office where my coworkers asked if they could borrow my Cartier briefcase for the closings of their deals. It became good luck charm and now it can be yours.

Favorite, empowering, sexy, perfectly fitted little black Prada dress and coat.

Midas touch vintage Cartier briefcase


Love to Cook

How many of us made New Year’s resolutions especially to loose a few pounds, only to forget about them a few weeks if not days later? I have and I am sure you have too. Once we hit the gym or start a diet it becomes too difficult or boring. We quit before any results and the dreams of fitting into a beautiful dress fade. It is especially difficult for those of us that love to cook.

What if while cooking our minds would stay on how healthy and fit we feel and look? Is it possible? Actually yes. I realized there are two things that I could do to achieve the goal of cooking food for a healthy body.

1.     While you cook play the music you love and dance, dance, dance. It will burn off the calories

2.     Wear a beautiful tight fitting dress, make up, and high heels. It will make you feel invincible but most of all you will want to cook and eat healthier foods.



Have fun and stay fit.






Boots that seen the Christmas Ball

“My socks don’t match. There are holes in my sweater. And my pants are too tight. I need this campaign to end” her Twitter post read. She was a great reporter who traveled with one of the presidential campaigns all over the country. It was a tough job especially on her cloths but it was finally coming to an end. Her Twitter post was accompanied by a picture of her feet wearing different socks and very comfortable looking shoes. Soft paten leather lace ups looked like they have been everywhere, seen everything, and had some stories to tell. It made me dig in my closet and bring out some of my shoes and boots that I wanted to list.

Chanel black flat boots are my favorite and been with me everywhere I went however this is a right time to share them with a fellow traveler, so for sale they go. Let me tell you about this beauties. Christmas in Vienna was like stepping into fairy tail. Snowy streets, decorated windows, and of course Sacher Torte. Ohh the Sacher Torte deliciousness melting in your mouth. I was invited by a friend to attend one of the holiday balls and was a little scared by what waited ahead. For once I had no idea how to Waltz or what the etiquette required of me. I did bring a beautiful gown with me and was getting dressed when I realized I forgot to bring my evening shoes. Panic struck me as I dug into my suitcase throwing its contents on the floor of my hotel room. The more things I pulled out the more freaked out I became. I did not bring any shoes with me. The only thing I had to wear on my feet were my well worn Chanel boots. I had no time to run to any of the stores so I put them on and hid them under my ball gown. It felt kind of cool, empowering, almost like a rebel that did something outlandish and got away with it. I danced all night, not sure if it was a waltz or a cha cha, without anyone realizing my secret.







A Fox That Knew Too Much

A Fox That Knew Too Much


Shaken not stirred,” A men in a perfectly tailored tuxedo ordered a martini from a cocktail waitress as he scanned the poker tables.  The elegant golden room buzzed with beautiful people. The high society dressed in custom-made tuxedos, haute couture gowns, jewels that spend most of the time locked in the safes, filled the Monte Carlo Casino for a special night of high stake games.

Walking down the staircase, wearing little black dress by Dior, Louboutin velvet pumps I looked amazing. Night by Valentino black fox with crystal eyes and beaded bow draped my shoulder. All eyes turned to me as I made my way down. I knew it was Valentino fox on my shoulder that turned every head in a Grand room. I saw the man in perfectly tailored tuxedo sipping martini and looking around the room as he was trying to spot someone. I knew he was looking for a Russian couple from Los Angeles. I spotted them at the roulette table. A pudgy balding man in a tuxedo that was bursting at the seams was making a bet, a large gold bracelet on his right wrist falling heavily on his hand holding hundred dollar bills. His wife, a busty blond, in long sparkly green gown shimmied with delight as her husband won over and over. They were not a standout couple in the room of gorgeous people but they were the most devious one. They were Russian spies doing a drop of secret files to a man send to Monte Carlo by Kremlin. My job was to help a man in a perfectly tailored tuxedo intercept them and steal the secret files from them before the drop. He recognized me by my Valentino fox and walked to me with his martini in his hand. He leaned over and said “Bond. James Bond.”

“Bond, James Bond” I heard as I woke up. Casino Royal was on TV and Night Valentino beautiful fox was lying on my bed with my laptop open. I must of fell asleep as I was listing it on Ebay. This beautiful fox had an amazing adventure and now was ready to go to a new owner for many more. Enjoy







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