My name is Tania and I make chic crystal jewelry!  I got into making jewelry because I was given a beautiful Black Tourmaline pendant years ago and I love its versatility. I originally received it on a silver chain but I didn’t like how it looked and I changed it to a deerskin cord. The cord I found is long enough to wrap around my neck twice and create a chocker. I wear my pendant all of the time and I realized that I could not find many other pendants as simple and chic like it. Thus, the inception to my jewelry began. I decided to use crystals because of the amazing power they hold. These wonderful gifts from Mother Nature help us in our daily lives, whether our path is clouded by anxiety, stress, or money problems. There is a crystal that can help with any road block we face. On the other hand, crystals do not have to be an aid in overcoming ills but also have abilities in helping expand our creativity, the love for ourselves, and or enhance our intuitive abilities. In mid 2016 I was advised to use crystals to unlock my chakras and this further propelled my relationship with them. I learned that crystals like to be close to their owner so I place them in my bed at night.  If at any time, I cannot wear them I put them in a baggie and keep them in my purse. From April to August I felt the impact the crystals had on me, I felt lightweight and free of worries. Not only did I feel the difference but friends and family pointed out the drastic improvements I’ve made. I strongly believe everybody should know about these crystals and experience their power. Creating accessibility to crystals and their healing properties while helping to heal one person at a time is my mission. By doing so I am only creating a harmonious Earth for us all <3




Tania Villegas