My name is Tania and I make chic crystal jewelry!  I got into making jewelry because I was given a beautiful Black Tourmaline pendant years ago and I love its versatility. I originally received it on a silver chain but I didn’t like how it looked and I changed it to a deerskin cord. The cord I found is long enough to wrap around my neck twice and create a chocker. I wear my pendant all of the time and I realized that I could not find many other pendants as simple and chic like it. Thus, the inception to my jewelry began. I decided to use crystals because of the amazing power they hold. These wonderful gifts from Mother Nature help us in our daily lives, whether our path is clouded by anxiety, stress, or money problems. There is a crystal that can help with any road block we face. On the other hand, crystals do not have to be an aid in overcoming ills but also have abilities in helping expand our creativity, the love for ourselves, and or enhance our intuitive abilities. In mid 2016 I was advised to use crystals to unlock my chakras and this further propelled my relationship with them. I learned that crystals like to be close to their owner so I place them in my bed at night.  If at any time, I cannot wear them I put them in a baggie and keep them in my purse. From April to August I felt the impact the crystals had on me, I felt lightweight and free of worries. Not only did I feel the difference but friends and family pointed out the drastic improvements I’ve made. I strongly believe everybody should know about these crystals and experience their power. Creating accessibility to crystals and their healing properties while helping to heal one person at a time is my mission. By doing so I am only creating a harmonious Earth for us all <3




Tania Villegas






Somebody pinch me, I thought, because this can’t be real - Sunny skies and big cotton candy clouds were adrift in a vast blue sky as I walked towards the Spot Restaurantwhile on my lunch break.

Fifteen years ago, I left the hectic and chaotic madness of the Corporate World to become an Independent Contractor who specializes in holistic health.

Alive N Well, in Hermosa Beach, CA was the beginning of my holistic healthcare journey via massage therapy.

Aromatherapy was one of the first healing modalities that I incorporated with my massage.

“Well, well, well! What is that smell?” Tony cried as he grabbed me and started sniffing the top of my head as I entered the Spot. Tony was a rather long and lanky waiter there who stood about 6’2”, and he could probably wrap his lithesome body around my short little 5’2” frame about three times over.

Screaming and giggling, I begged him to stop. While I stood in this awkward embrace with Tony, two waitresses joined in the commotion. While surrounding me, they sniffed the air with avaricious looks on their faces. I felt like a juicy pork chop that had just been cornered by ravenous wolves.

Tears pouring down my face from laughing so hard. I just gave in to the three of them encircling me while they smelled my hair, neck, and face.

Over and over, they just kept saying, “Wow, you smell so damn good! What fragrance are you wearing?”

While composing myself, I told them they were embarrassing me by creating a scene in the middle of the restaurant, and if they would just let me have a seat, I would tell them about what I was wearing.

I explained to them that while working at the massage/yoga studio, I often blended essential oils together for my clients.  I smelled so good because of the residue from the oils I had been using. 

Since I often took my lunch break at the Spot, I usually had a delicious blend of the essences of lavender (calming/promotes healthy skin, alleviates sunburn & many more uses), sandalwood (enhances mood/promotes healthy skin & much more), and ylang ylang (aids in lowering high blood pressure, relieves anxiety, and increases the libido in men, etc.) mixing with my body chemistry and wafting through the air.



After getting such positive reactions regarding the aromatherapy scents not only from the wait staff at the Spot, but from my clients, friends, family, and almost everyone who smelled the oils on me, or who enjoyed me using them on their bodies, I decided to study everything I could regarding aromatherapy.

Essential Oils provide support for your sleep, emotional wellness, digestive health, alleviation of pain, the immune system, and can help you to achieve weight goals. They are great for your overall health, and can be used on children, the elderly, and your pets. You can also cook, clean, and travel with them.


Let’s not forget, certain scents can help attract the opposite sex. Cleopatra was renowned for her incredible knowledge of essential oils and she certainly attracted some of the most powerful men of her time, such as Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony, to name two.

Last, but not least, what does the title to this post, Back Talk and Ms. Aroma Di Aroma,mean? Tony (the waiter mentioned earlier) was originally from Italy and he thought I smelled so sweet he nick-named me Ms. Aroma Di Aroma.

Back Talk is what I call a collection of knowledge that I have been taught, and that I now teach, regarding bodywork, aromatherapy, reiki, hypnotherapy, and many other holistic modalities. 

When you read my blog posts, I will share a tip, or tips each week on the many uses/benefits of essential oils. Please look at my, and my blog site at for the essential oil tips. For healthy eating tips, go to my site.

Ciao for now and thank you. Let’s reconnect soon.  I have more to share! Teresa - Essential Oils – Holistic Food – Blog Site


I will be having specials on two of my most popular spray misters: one is a lavender based mister that is for relaxation and restful sleep. The other spray mister is eucalyptus based and it is for cleansing the air and creating a clear mind. Each mister also contains a citrine crystal that attracts good luck and it attracts wealth.

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