About me

Hi I am Nina a treasure hunter by day, a foodie by night.  There is nothing in this world I love more than beautiful clothes and good food, but especially I love delicious jam on a French baguette with very good cup of coffee.

For the last 30 years I have collected worlds best designers and for the last 7 I’ve been sharing them with the world of Ebay shoppers. Classic Chanel, sexy Vivienne Westwood, mystical Eskander, magical Commes des Garcons , as well as hundreds of others are available in my 3 Ebay stores. Each beautiful piece has a story to tell: love story, a story of career empowerment, an amazing party, or a tale of a journey to a sacred place.

Daily armed with warm French baguette smothered with seasonal jam from Sqirel ( I am lucky I live in LA) and a great cup of coffee, I sit in my comfortable chair looking out at my beautiful fruit trees and I list new treasures into my Ebay stores.

I will share with you a story of one special piece once a week on this blog. Every week I will also have a wonderful guest who will share their knowledge on all interesting and strange things.



Thank you for visiting hope to see you soon XOXO Nina




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